A plate from the Royal Creatures collection lying on a desk which is filled with drawings indicating the design process behind the plate and the collection

royal creatures

The designers GamFratesi standing in front of a lot of drawers

GamFratesi for Royal Copenhagen

For decades, skilled artists and designers have added new perspectives to Royal Copenhagen's creative heritage. This September, Royal Copenhagen presents an innovative and charming interpretation of some of the porcelain factory's most iconic designs with the new collection ‘Royal Creatures’, designed by the world-renowned design duo, GamFratesi.

a very detailed sketch of a blowfish

a paint brush and paint on a white plate. You can see they have been used for painting the scales on a fish

A plate from the Royal Creatures lying on top of a lot of drawings of different fish

Royal Creatures plates and mugs lying on a table with drawings of inspirations from the ocean and the three blue waves

Depictions of animals of the shore, the shallow sea and the deep sea

For the first time since the introduction of Princess in 1978, the elegant Half Lace platform is the canvas for a new collection: Royal Creatures. Bringing together handpainted elements from the historically iconic, half-laced collections in new ways, design duo Gamfratesi has interpreted the Royal Copenhagen heritage into a new, contemporary expression, brought to life through motifs of animals from the shore, the shallow sea and the deep sea.

Stine and Enrico also known as GamFratesi in their design studio

Adding something new - with a deep respect for the heritage

“Working with a historical company like Royal Copenhagen is a great honor and privilege for us. It was important for us to honour the traditions, but at the same time add something new ” - GamFratesi

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