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A gift purchased from a Royal Copenhagen store or at tells a story even before it is opened. The artful wrapping speaks of the loving intentions behind the gift and makes the unwrapping a memorable moment in itself. When undone, the paper opens up like a flower – a technique originally envisioned by the late Queen Ingrid, who had a love for origami.


Find the perfect gift to put under the tree. Get inspired by our many beautifully painted porcelain pieces.


The day of the forever ‘I do’ is one of life’s greatest occasions. Tables are meticulously set to bring together the wedding party for a toast and a celebration of the happy couple. The best of wedding gifts is inherently personal, truly timeless, and forever cherished. A piece of Royal Copenhagen porcelain is just this; a gift of a lifetime. A present that is precious, that builds new traditions, and that will be valued for the joy inherent in its daily use.

valentine's day

Is there a better way to show your love than to give a bouquet that can blossom forever? Whether the flowers are painted on a vase, a jug or a cup or are shaped after a freshly picked bouquet, an eternal bouquet is a true gift of love.

Father's Day

Finding the ideal way of showing your affection for the fathers in your life is not an easy task. A perfect gift fit for a gentleman is one that fits his daily purpose, matches his aesthetic, and brings joy to the small moments in his day. Like the right cup to be filled with coffee or tea, just as he likes it.

Mother's Day

For centuries, Royal Copenhagen has been associated with gifts out of the ordinary, and for generations, the hand-made porcelain has framed celebrations and special moments - from big occasions to small tokens of appreciation. Such as showing your love for your mother with a gift to be cherished for a lifetime.


Let your loved ones know what they mean to you and personalise your greeting cards this holiday season. A personal greeting from the heart means more thank you think, so this year, you can give a gift from Royal Copenhagen with a very special personal greeting to show your affection.


Let the caps fly and the celebrations begin! Graduation marks one of the corner stones in life, where the open road ahead welcomes with new adventures, experiences, and the frame to create the life of our dreams and fill it with memorable moments. Graduation marks an ideal occasion for the beginning of a porcelain collection to frame future dinners, breakfasts, and coffee breaks. To set the scene for future cherished moments of everyday life.