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The Star Fluted Christmas collection belongs to the beautiful Christmas traditions. The collection creates a wonderful atmosphere and makes Christmas something special – generation after generation. Every piece in the collection is a beautiful Christmas decoration on its own, and when the table is set, and the candles are lit, Christmas has arrived.


Star Fluted Christmas is the story of the Danish Christmas tradition, and everything that belongs to it; the delicious feast, the dance around the Christmas tree, and the carefully chosen gifts. Star Fluted Christmas was created in 2006 inspired by a collection from 1783 with a blue spruce garland. On every piece, the decorations on the spruce garland are given a sparkle of Christmas magic, making each piece a Christmas story on its own.

Make the Christmas season magical

Gather the family for moments of joy and add your own personal touch to the traditions of Christmas with the Star Fluted Christmas collection. The collection has all the elements to make up the season’s cozy family times. Star Fluted Christmas is a symbol of all the things that make the holidays magical; decorating the house for Christmas, baking Christmas cookies and ginger bread houses, and setting the table with the special Christmas collection.