Claus Meyer and Christina Meyer Bengtsson - The Heart of the Home

The month of December encapsulates the smell of rich spices, the feeling of togetherness and the joy of shared moments with friends and family. At the heart of the home is the kitchen, opening its doors to round-the-clock cooking, time spent together and cozy chaos. “Our holiday traditions are rich and plenty and come from both mine and Claus’ family and childhood.

We love the repetition of traditions and every year we take out the box of old Christmas ornaments – but we have also created new holiday rituals that our children have helped define with us.”, says Christina Meyer Bengtsson. Along with their four children, Christina and Claus embrace the many shared moments of the holiday season and at the Meyer home, Christmas is a season of hearts and cosiness.

Christmas built on old and new traditions

The family’s traditions show gratitude for loved ones who have passed on and those who remain, and the couple has built their joint Christmas on traditions old and new. One of the more recent traditions, carried out annually for the past ten years, is a nativity play that the family arranges with the help of friends and family as a cherished event.

The festivities are accompanied by a rich holiday Glögg and dishes with notes from the Middle East – a new tradition that the children are very fond of, and which Christina and Claus imagine they will incorporate in their own future holiday traditions.

Heart of the home

A large bird and a roast are always served at the big Christmas dinner and, as a new addition, also a vegetarian roast. Claus insists on serving an appetizer, though it is a bit in opposition to family traditions. All the treats are cooked and prepared in the heart of the home – the kitchen.

HAV combined with White Fluted Half Lace

Royal Copenhagen has recreated the warm atmosphere of Claus and Christina’s kitchen with a grand setting on a large oakwood table with a red linoleum top designed by Christina. The table is set with HAV combined with classic White Fluted Half Lace plates. Christina has decorated the plates with graphical prints inspired by the classic flower from the Blue Fluted Plain pattern. A touch of informality is added by home-made ceramics, heirlooms and vintage finds from France and the US. A table set for loved ones.

A Mix of HAV and White Fluted Half Lace

Claus Meyer

Claus Meyer (b.1963), Cand.merc. International. Gastronomical entrepreneur, co-owner of Meyer A/S, cookbook author and company owner. Claus has placed Scandinavia on the International gastronomical radar through research, books, lectures, and counseling. Founder and co-founder of a wide range of restaurants including NOMA. He has just published a new cookbook “Meyer’s Christmas”. 

Christina Meyer Bengtsson

Christina Meyer Bengtsson (b. 1964), is educated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Owner of HEARTWORK Design. A creative spirit designing everything from furniture to lamps and interior items, who also has a passion for interior design and graphical design. Married to Claus Meyer and mother of Augusta, Viola, Elvira, and Valdemar.