Jesper Binzer

Potluck Supper in the Luxury Commune

"Christmas is gentle, and it softens us, even though everything surrounding the holiday is often one big rush. That’s why we should set aside the material aspects of the holiday and make more room for emotions, togetherness, and compassion for others. We need to make room for diversity and dare to embrace each other's expectations and differences," says Jesper Binzer, who feels strange in a Christmas that is too staged. Even though he grew up with a traditional Christmas, his most important message during Christmas time is that it is not about the perfectly set table and the flawless menu, but more about the freedom to say what you want across the table.

Christmas should be a joint effort

One of Jesper Binzer's fondest Christmas memories was formed in the in the free town of Christiania in Copenhagen, where he took part in the Christmas celebration for the homeless years ago. Here, guests were welcomed by a group of volunteers who had collectively prepared a Christmas dinner and created a warm and inclusive setting for the festivities. Everyone contributed with what they could, and it is completely in Jesper Binzer's spirit that Christmas should be a joint effort.

Therefore, the hard rock singer with the soft heart invites everyone to what he describes as a “Potluck Dinner in the Luxury Commune”. Here, there is room for family, children, and good friends around the long table, where the vigor and diversity of the world is on the menu, not necessarily duck roast and traditions.

Products from Jespers Christmas Table

An eclectic vibe

Jesper Binzer’s unpretentious approach to Christmas is expressed in a series of irregular tables of different sizes, covered with blue vintage tablecloths with batik patterns. The table is set with a lovely mix of tableware, old Christmas plates and figurines, and Tibetan prayer flags hang above the table, casting prayers to the skies. Specially crafted unique ceramic pieces, a Pojagi-inspired tapestry and hand-painted wall decoration are created and added by the Danish artist, Anika Lori – and enhance the eclectic vibe. There is not a Christmas present in sight! Instead, an old record player and a stack of records invite guests to find their holiday tune.

About Jesper Binzer

Jesper Binzer (b. 1965). Danish rock musician, songwriter and TV host. He was awarded the Danish Music Awards for Best Danish Singer in 2001. Jesper Binzer has been the lead singer and guitarist in the band D-A-D since 1982 and works as a solo artist on the side. In 2012, Jesper Binzer published the autobiography "I Won't Cut My Hair" with Gyldendal. As part of his voluntary work, Jesper Binzer is an ambassador for Save the Children Foundation.