Kristoffer Dahl Sakurai's Signature Space

Our world is filled with talented individuals. Inspiring characters that are true artists in their own way, their homes reflecting their passion, artistry and personal take on creativity.
A signature space.

In this series of portraits, we hear their stories and experience their home. Meet Kristoffer Dahl Sakurai who invited us into his home in Taarbæk norht of Copenhagen. 

What thoughts have you had about decorating your creative space?

"My home is an extension of my own and my husband's personalities; almost every object in our home has a story from a trip we have taken or people we have known and loved. Our entire home is a creative space, and we place great importance on achieving the right balance. The decoration of our home is based on what generally inspires us. Almost everything in our home has significance, and by collecting it, it helps to tell our story, which evolves over time in sync with our own development as people. You could say that our decoration is based on intuition."

Are there things in your home that mean something special to you?

"Almost everything in our home has a story and, therefore, significance. I find inspiration in everything from sculptures and photos to paintings and music. Art, in general, is of great importance and inspiration to me, as well as nature and the changing seasons."

How do you prefer to set a table?

"I set a table relatively classically, simply but with a modern approach. Again, things with a story behind them mean a lot when I set a table, whether it's my grandmother's old hand-painted Christmas elves at Christmas time or antique silver candlesticks with an extensive and rich history."

What makes a good dinner party?

"A good dinner party is one where guests feel comfortable and at home, where conversation flows freely, there's plenty of good wine in the glasses, and delicious food."

Kristoffer's favourites

Where do you find inspiration for your tablesetting?

"I find inspiration in many places, primarily through colors and textures, a photograph, an old painting, or anything that conveys a mood I like. It all depends on the harmony and how the various objects are put together. It's about creating a balance that reflects the mood you desire and, most importantly, the food you serve."

"My home means everything to me. It's where I find inspiration and peace."